Savant eCommerce Amsterdam

Wicked Grounds - Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Tue Mar 10 2020 - Wed Mar 11 2020

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Embracing the Customer Experience and Expanding to New Frontiers

The challenges of eCommerce in the Benelux region are complex. Because the local online retail space is one of the most mature and competitive markets in the world. The best way to stand out of the crowd is a unique and comprehensive customer experience. We will hear from experts from some of the most well-known Dutch brands and the largest retailers in the region on how personalization can be leveraged to learn how to attract and maintain the loyalty of customers,, in an ever more competitive environment. Also at Savant eCommerce Amsterdam 2020 industry leaders and disruptive voices will present new ideas and case studies in international expansion and Innovation. As the Benelux region becomes too constraining for growing Dutch companies they are looking forward to expand to new horizons. While most stick to the neighbouring powerhouses like Germany,, France and the UK,, we will also present the cases of Dutch companies who successfully expanded to China. These companies will share their experiences and the pitfalls that need to be averted for successful expansion to the far east. Speaking of opportunities in expansion the reality of marketplaces is becoming ever more pressing to deal with. With Amazon rumoured to enter the Netherland in 2020 and still standing strong,, many retailers are faced with the question how to deal with the marketplaces,, how to profit from them or how to live with them. A lot of Dutch retailers are faced with the question whether to become a marketplace themselves to round out the customer experience and their offerings for the demanding customer of today. We will feature a prominent discussion between major retailers on how to answer this question and what the aspects are that will have to be considered before making a decision.

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